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Welcome to Union Hide Company - where excellence and quality stands out in a herd of competition.

UHC is a processor in the business of hides and skins since 1912. Our office is located in Walnut Creek, California and our processing plant is located in Modesto, California, approximately 75 miles southeast of our office in Walnut Creek.

Until 1962, our offices and plant location were both at the original UHC building site at the corner of Third and Harrison Streets in Oakland, California. Our processing plant was built and established in Modesto, California becoming the very first brine raceway in the western United States.

In December of 1988, our offices moved to the present location in Walnut Creek, California while all our hides continue to be processed at the Modesto, California plant.

We offer fine quality hide selections from the Modesto plant including:

All hides in California are considered branded even though all dairy breeds are mostly native. In addition, we offer from other areas of the United States, several one packer and processor selections including:

Of course, we also offer outside selections from various packers and processors including all US and Canada major packer hide selections.

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