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Our mission at UHC is to provide the best product for the most reasonable price and an honest assessment of the buyer's needs. Union Hide Company is dedicated to supplying the right hides and skins for the right use to the right buyers. After all, as Mr. Gluck once said, "You can't sell good things from an empty cart". We aim to always have that cart filled with the right good things that the buyer wants.

Kalman Gluck started out in 1906 with a horse and wagon. He would go to the farms in the bay area buying used burlap feed bags and the cattle hides that the farms had slaughtered.

Mr. Gluck established himself as the first president and founder of American Bag and Union Hide Company in 1912 and served as president for 42 years.

Kalman Gluck's son, Max Gluck, had worked in the business during his teen years and after college. He was a navy pilot during World War II and returned to the business after the war. His brother in law, Phil Shatz, came to work for Kalman Gluck when Max Gluck was called into active service in 1940.

Following the war, Max Gluck returned and served as vice president until his father's passing in 1954. Max Gluck then became president for 29 years until his passing away in 1983.

Joe Katzburg was hired by Kalman Gluck and started to work in 1948. After Phil Shatz passed away in 1967 he became vice president and then president after Max Gluck passed away.

Cameron K. Meine
President from 2001-present

Joe Katzburg
President from 1983-2001

Max Gluck
President from 1954-1983

Kalman Gluck
President from 1912-1954

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