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Union Hide Company started out in 1906 with just a horse and wagon. The company's founder, Kalman Gluck, would go to the farms in the bay area buying used burlap feed bags and the cattle hides that the farms had slaughtered.

In 1912, UHC bought the property at Third & Harrison Streets in Oakland, California and built a three-story brick building. The second and third floors were used to vacuum, clean, and patch the used burlap bags. The first floor was used for office and warehouse.

The basement was used as a hide cellar. Being below the ground level, the temperature remained cool and constant during the winter and summer months.

Around 1951, a large brick building was built along side of the three-story building. This new building was used for curing green hides and for hide storage. The hide cellar in the basement of the three-story building then became an area exclusively for the curing and grading of calfskins.

In 1963, a hide processing plant was built in Modesto, California. UHC built in this location because it was centrally located in the San Joaquin Valley where many slaughterhouses were located within reasonable driving distance of the plant.

By 1988, UHC had discontinued using the warehouse in Oakland, California. It was sold and UHC moved to the current location in Walnut Creek, California.

On February 21, 1974, Union Hide Company's President Maxwell Gluck, Vice President Joe Katzburg, and Sales Manager Victor Fernandez were present at the 100th Anniversary of the Oakland Tribune honoring William F. Knowland. The main speaker shown here (who at the time was the governor of California) is former US President Ronald Reagan.

Mr. Maxwell Gluck, Joe Katzburg, and Leo Shapiro in June of 1975 at Jack London Square, Oakland, California, two blocks from the Union Hide Company offices.

In May of 1980, Union Hide Company was presented with the International Trade Achievement Award, by the Oakland World Trade Association.

  • Mr. Maxwell Gluck was one of the Charter Members of the Association since its beginning in 1928.
  • Mr. Victor Fernandez served as its President for 4 years.
  • Mr. Kelly Meine also served on its Board of Directors for 3 years.

Pictured here from left to right:
Victor Fernandez, Frances McInerny, Joe Katzburg

The April 1981 Board of Directors of The United States Hide, Skin & Leather Association.

Pictured here from left to right, back row:
Jim Mnookin, Bill Carey, Joe Katzburg, Don Ohsman, Clark Fidler, Bob Schuman, Ken Howey, John Cook

Pictured here from left to right, front row:
Ed Whitney, Art Anker, Irv Mindel, Jerry Marks, Bill Delph

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