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UHC Gives Tribute to its Founding Fathers Celebrating 100 Years in Business
June 27, 2012

Union Hide Company gives tribute to it's founding fathers, Mr. Kalman Gluck, his son Mr. Maxwell Gluck and their third president Mr. Joseph Katzburg and Vice President and Sales Manager Mr. Victor Fernandez.

Union Hide Company started out in 1906 with just a horse and wagon. The company's founder, Kalman Gluck, would go to the farms in the bay area buying used burlap feed bags and the cattle hides and skins from animals that the farms had slaughtered. more

Antioch CEO has Political Link
January 10, 2006

What relationship does Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger bear to the city of Antioch? None, you'd most likely respond.

But Kelly Meine, acting president/CEO of the Union Hide Company, would view things quite differently. In November, the Antioch resident was one of a group of private citizens to accompany the governor on his Asian trip. more

APLF Hong Kong Leather Fair
April 10, 2004

Photos from UHC president Kelly Meine's latest excursion to the 2004 APLF Leather Fair in Hong Kong. more

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