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International Council of Tanners
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Joe Katzburg, former president of UHC, standing in cattle sales yard which is next to UHC Processing Plant. Employee is removing hides from brine water raceways onto bushman conveyor belt to take hides up to the fleshing machine to be fleshed.
View of brine curing raceways where hides are soaked for a period of 12 hours. Hide ringer, where hides pass through coming out of raceways to remove excess brine from hides.
Hide coming out from raceway onto bushman, ready to pass through the hide ringer. Hides hanging on bushman conveyor going to flesher to be fleshed. Two men are positioning the hide to be put into the flesher.

Hides have been fleshed and then dropped down onto grading table where hides are graded, trimmed, and folded for the different selections that are to be sold.

Hides on grading table being observed by quality control supervisor checking to see that all grading standards and quality, meets with our standards of high quality products.

Joe Katzburg, former president of UHC, standing in area where hides are selected and put onto pallets, flesher, and grading table in the background. Hides are graded then weighed before being put onto selected pallets.
Forklift in hide cooler storage room where palletized hides are kept till they are shipped. Forklift shown putting pallet of hides into the hide compressor.
Hide compressor powered by hydraulics compressing and "squaring" the pallet of hides. Hides stacked and stored in cooler room.
Hides stacked in rows in cooler room, all pallets are given IDs, pressed for excess liquid weight, and stacked per selection. Cooling system in hide storage cooler. A thermometer is on the wall to be sure temperature is kept at 40°F.
Joe Katzburg, former president of UHC, in the Modesto processing plant. Overview of raceways and where hides are graded and palletized.
Joe Katzburg, former president of UHC, standing in front of Waste-Water Treatment Area, where used brine is cleaned and treated to be reused.
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